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how baltiiore is shhwing its spirit at a huge rally for the ravens. 3 3 &p3 3 3
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3 3 if you'rr feeling sick... yyu're not alone.there is a flu outbreak... happening all &pacross the counnry. country.take a look at thhs recent map from the centers for disease ccntrol.alllbutt5 states areeseeing rrgiinal or wideespread outbreaks of the 3 3 flu season usually peaks in february... but doctors at g-b-m-c say they started treating patieets in laae the emergency rooms are flooded with patients. paaients.just his weekk.. more han 100 people were admitted for flu like symptoos.
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dootors saa they haven't seen -3 volumes llke this... since 200773&p(51:07)yesterday was the have seen in probably two to three ears in one 24 hour period...(45:38)i've just 3& out. 3 unless youuhave severe breathing... confusion... or fainting... doctors say it'' best to check witt your primary doctor before rrshing in to the emergency room.this can help redcue sooeeof the heavy traafic avoid petting sick... remember to wash your hhnds... cough into from people ii you're sick. doctors say it's not too latt to get a flu shot. 3 & 3 first on fox.... firr investigators release the names of he two men killed in a deadly fire in northhast baatimore...and tte survivors
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of he blaze are speekiig out. out.55 year old scott wiles and 55 year old andrew bryant were killed then their home on montabello terrace caught fire late wednesday night. ceddickkjohnson was one of he five peopll able to escape thh flamee... aaddsays he was luckyytooget ouu aliie. 3 (sidd)"it was really bad.. it just happened in a matter of minutts...smoke and the next phing ya kknww. fire.. matter of minutes.. it was real fast.. and everything went the way it went.. went." 3 fire investigators still do not know what causee the fire. 3 3 presh from taking their oath of ffice, members of the 113th congress are scheduled to weigh in and smooth out some uffled feathers tooayyby pcsting a vooe for billioos of dollars in aid to supersttrm & sandy victiis. as martha shade reports some in his oon party felt ignooed by house speakkr john boehner when congress did & not take up the meaauue during this week's focus on the ffscal cliff.
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3 p3 that you will well and paithfully discharge the you are about to enter so help you god? "i do. with that 113th congress are expected to immediately get down to business.. one f the first dollars in immediate help for - ffood insurance tt victims of superrsorm sandy lawmakers representtng storm raaaged areas were enraged this week when a vote on aid was scrapped. the danner was his pwas not just a delay of one &pday what i was concerned at by being put push over o the new congrrss, this could delay it for mooths house sseaker john & boehner and otter leaders also -3 from the likes of new jersey gooernor chris christie . american deeerves better, but &pjuut another example of a 3 who theyyare there to serve and why 66 dayy and countingg shame on youu.shame on congress more than two mooths since scenes of major damage
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emerged along the jersey shore... and just north in staten island more images of desttuction in the borough of queens, new yorr. fttrrmuch will weigh the balance of the $60-biilion plan later this month. it was a skirmish it - wws very important, as far as i'm concerned it's over with - john boehnee and i have been frieeds before, hopefully ww are friendd again i'm martha shade eporting. 3 laamaakrs are scheduled to consider the remaiiinn $51- billion dollars in aid for superstorm sandy victtms on 3 3 mmjor fines are still beiig - handee out for the worst history.the jussice department transocean will pay one point -3 four bbllion dollars ii connection with the 2010 gulf oil spill. thheoffshhre ddilling firm owned and provided a crew for thh deepwaterrhorizon rig, where an explosion killed 11 men. and was ontracted by bbpp. plead uilly to criminal
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charges and pay pour-point-five biilion in penalties. 3 the town is painted purple... now it's time to see hhw ready thoseepurple fans really are! are! joel d. smith is live 3 paravan tt see if ray lewis' retirement as the fans playoff eecitement at a whole new level. level. 3 3 3 &
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3 are you our biggest fan?then 3 the day! 33 everyday we'll pick one of our & viewers from our faceeook page... and featurr them on fox45 news at 5.toobecome aa
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pagg... facebook dot com slash foobaltimore. & 3 coming up on the early edition... the majority of u-s forcess.. scheduled to leave afghanistan. afghanistan.tth numbbr of ameeicans expected tt stay behind....aftee the drawdown. &p
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vr3 ((break 1)) 3 souvenirs for president obama's second inauguration... are already flying off shelvee. official errhandise was paunched thursday... roughly & two weeks before the big day. pay.this year's theme is "our people. our future."items - incluue everything from a pair of 15-dollar socks... to a 75-3 ((2-shot toss to weather)) 3 ((ad lib meteorologist))
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3 3 ((traffic reppoterrad libs)) map greenspring 40 map 3 3 3 3 3coming up... annrew luck ii in the same situaaion joe flacco was in 5 years ago. ago. 3& hear from both years ago. & ago.joo flacco was in 5 thh same ssiuatiin andrew uck is inncoming up... 3
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33 3 3 map greenspring 40 map ad
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3 3 p3 3 3 coming up... andrew luck is in the same situation joe flacco 3 ago.hear rom both quarterbacks on staating as aa rookie in the playoffs. 3 "even with 20,000 troops you are still assuming quite a bit & of's by no meanssa low-risk option." 3 pulling u-s troops... out of aaghanistan.the soldders that there... three years from ow. 3 ((break 2)) 3 3 &p3
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3 & 3 u-s soldierr forced to stay in afghanistan. there are new details today about just hoo many american troops will -3 remmin in the country -- and risk their lives -- after the 3 story: 3 (nats) the opttons are on the 3 aalittle more than 6,000 troops. mostly special
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operations forces hunting terrorists, with a small amoont of training for afghan forces. (nats) the 10,000 option wwuld still focus on al qaeda, but would add conventional troops to expand afghan training. (nats) a 15,000 optioo would include even more conventional troops to go onnlimited patrols, and 3 support. (nnts) some xperts say forget that last option p5,000. it's noo politically & tenable in congress, it's not doable from a budget xecuuion perspective." analyst stephanie sanok worked in baghdad, and developed options for the iraq drawdown. she says between war fatigue and spending uts, even the middle option may be a reach. "my guess is, ou end up closer to the 6,000-person option than &pthe 10,000-peeson option." analyst jeff dressler argues 3 3 pentagon." lawwence, cnn, the pentagon."
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,3 coming up in our 6 o'clock violent video games. games.the buy-back program -& going on in a connecticut community. 3&plaat year, he wassthe head -3 coach of the, he's gameplanning to beet them in the plaaoffs.jim caldweel's - unique perspective on sunday's matchup. 33 ((break 3)) 3
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3 coming up in our 6 o'clock hour... a ffmous face... paught up in an uncomfortable interview..- word samuel-l-jackson tried to get a reporter tt say.
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